Collagen Shots


Good Night Sleeping Beauty Collagen Plus Beauty Shot with its enhanced formula, is a great way of delivering Collagen to the parts of your body that need it - and fast!

Forget those giant pills in tubs or blister packets.  Yes, they seemed like a good idea at the time, as you stood trying to decide which brand to buy, but it’s a different story the next day when you’re trying to down your chosen capsule, which turns out to be the size of a horse tablet.

How about you try a nutritious fruit-flavoured liquid collagen food supplement?

Quick and easy to drink, the Good Night Sleeping Beauty Collagen Plus Shot delivers a delicious dose, not only of collagen, but an array of added vitamins and minerals especially chosen to help support your skin, hair, nails and eyes.  And that’s not all, because night time is the optimum time for your skin to repair itself, we’ve added ingredients to aid a restful sleep.

Why might we need to take a Collagen supplement?


Evidence suggests that taking Collagen in supplement form is the way forward once your natural Collagen production starts to decrease. Unfortunately, as we age our natural Collagen production declines and the effects of the this are most obvious in the quality of our skin. Suppleness is lost and skin becomes dull and can be slow to heal and start to sag.

As skin loses its plumpness, it’s less able to bounce back and you’re left with an increase in those unwelcome lines and wrinkles. This process starts from the age of around 25 onwards and I’m afraid the bad news is by the age of 60, your Collagen production will have decreased by 50 per cent.

Don’t Panic!

All is not lost, when we boost the Collagen levels in our bodies with Good Night Sleeping Beauty Collagen plus Beauty Shot, it will straight away get to work improving the appearance of skin from the inside out. Firming and toning, hydrating and moisturising, aiding the fast repair of damaged tissue, such as dark spots, pimples and acne scars and plumping up those fine lines. The amino acids in Collagen also help to smooth your skin’s outer layers, the key to a naturally flawless complexion.


What’s In The Shot?

What’s not in it more like! We know how hard it can be to keep your diet well-balanced so you’re taking on board all the right nutrients EVERY day. With the best will in the world, at the end of a long day it can be hard, right?

With Good Night Sleeping Beauty Collagen Plus Beauty Shot we’ve done our best to provide a little helping hand that includes many of the nutrients your body needs to stay looking and feeling fresh.

Alongside the Collagen, there’s Hyaluronic Acid known for its moisture retaining properties, it acts as a lubricant in the body. It increases the viscosity of the synovial fluid, which serves as a cushion against wear and tear for aching joints, protecting bones and connective tissue. In SKIN it hydrates, plumps and improves texture.

Of course, we had to include Biotin also known as vitamin B7 (or sometimes Vitamin H), which as well as playing a part in the synthesis of glucose for energy, also strengthens HAIR and NAILS and helps maintain a healthy nervous system. Oh and let’s not forget Copper! helping the formation of COLLAGEN, elastin, red blood cells, as well as maintaining healthy nerve cells and your immune system.

Then to relieve anxiety, soothe, relax and so aid deeper sleep, we’ve added lovely Chamomile.

But that’s not all!


Just imagine how different you’d feel after 40 days of a shot a day of all this:

Vitamin A

A fat soluble vitamin that supports your immune system, reproduction and is good for VISION, bone growth and for SKIN HEALTH, vitamin A also works as an antioxidant offering protection against the damage caused to cells by free radicals.

Vitamin B1

also known as Thiamine is water soluble and is responsible for healthy nerve, muscle and heart function and as with all the B Vitamins, helps turn the food we consume into energy by converting carbohydrates in the body into Glucose.

Vitamin B6

is water soluble and is needed for healthy SKIN, HAIR and EYES. Plays a part in regulating hormonal activity and assists in the formation of normal red blood cells. Vitamin B6 also supports brain function, maintains a healthy nervous system and helps in the production of energy.


Vitamin B12

is water soluble and is important for the normal functioning of the brain and also for helping maintain a healthy nervous system and the production of red blood cells. Vitamin B12 also regulates the levels of Homocysteine an Amino Acid in the body (too much of which can cause heart disease).  As with all B Vitamins, B12 also helps the body convert food into energy.


Vitamin C

also known as Ascorbic Acid is water soluble and is involved in the production of COLLAGEN which is vital for the maintenance of connective tissue, keeping SKIN, blood vessels, bones and cartilage healthy. Vitamin C also helps boost your absorption of iron. Helps wound healing and as an antioxidant, helps protect against harmful free radicals.


Vitamin  D

is fat soluble and made by the body after exposure to sunlight, which is why it is sometimes known at the sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D not only regulates the level of calcium and phospherous in the body, which are essential for healthy bones, but also helps maintain the immune and nervous systems.


Vitamin E

is fat soluble. Acting as an antioxidant, protecting cells against damaging free radicals and safe-guarding cell membranes, Vitamin E can also help reduce inflammation in your body and is important in helping to maintain healthy SKIN, HAIR and EYES.



plays a part in the synthesis of protein and of cell division in the body. Helping to maintain healthy immune and digestive systems and aid wound healing, Zinc also helps with our senses of taste and smell.



helps maintain nerve and muscle function, as well as supporting a healthy immune system. Magnesium also helps keep your heart beat regular and helps lower blood pressure, whilst regulating the sleep hormone Melatonin, ensuring your body and mind wind down and relax prior to sleep.


How to Get the Best Value Collagen


If it’s your first time, we understand you may feel you don’t want to sign up to our multi-buy programme, in which case you can buy a week’s supply in one bottle. But if you want to get cracking with your new regime you can opt for the three bottle multi-buy which offers a whopping 45% discount!

Remember that improving your collagen production is a long-term fix. You need to allow your body time to utilise the collagen, to generate those new cells where they’re needed. For this reason we recommend you sign up to a multi-buy programme. Don’t forget, that alongside the collagen, you’re also benefiting from a multitude of vitamins and minerals in just one shot that would certainly be very costly to purchase individually.