A word about skin and the importance of sound sleep

The average adult needs between 7-8 hours of quality sleep a night to maintain a healthy body.

That’s the key. Sure you feel you can manage on less, you can do all the things you need to in a day, have an early night now and then you’ll feel fine, but in reality your body will already be revealing just how sleep deprived you are.

Each night your body goes through different levels of sleep from light to deep. If you’re sleeping well, you can cycle through these different levels up to five or six times a night. It is during the deepest phase of sleep in each cycle that the good stuff happens.

Your body sets to work repairing itself, toxins are eliminated, the growth hormone is released and Collagen is produced. Oh! There’s that magic word again: Collagen.


What happens when you are aren’t getting enough sleep?


Well you’ll feel physically tired, your metabolism will be disrupted, your decision-making will be slower, you’ll be more forgetful, your mood will be lower and you’ll certainly notice it when you look in the mirror because the biggest outward indicator of lack of sleep is your skin.

Lack of sleep causes your skin’s PH levels to drop. This in turn lowers the level of moisture in your skin. As your skin becomes drier, you experience red patches, often rough and flakey.

Your blood vessels in the thinner skin around your eyes will dilate, which results in dark circles. Your skin looks grey and you’ll be more susceptible to breakouts. Worse still, prolonged periods of sleep deprivation lead to premature ageing, as your skin loses its elasticity, is less plumped-up, less radiant and less quick to heal.

The bottom line is thus: If, for whatever reason, you have too much of the stress hormone cortisol in your body at the wrong time, it will make it harder for you to sleep well, which will inhibit Collagen production.

When it comes to collagen, we need more not less!


You Need Your Beauty Sleep!


This is why we’ve included ingredients in Good Night Sleeping Beauty Collagen Plus Beauty Shot that contribute to improving your sleep and providing you with the optimum conditions to stimulate collagen production.

Magnesium: This lowers the level of Cortisol on our bodies so that your body is effectively calmed and this helps you to relax in preparation for sleep.

Chamomile: Well known to improve the quality of your sleep through its ability to moderate anxiety.

Don’t underestimate the power of sleep in your beauty regime!

 And So To Bed…


Night time rituals play a part in helping you relax and prepare you for sleep. A warm bath, a good book and how about the perfect night cap for beautiful skin?

Good Night Sleeping Beauty’s Collagen plus Beauty Shot.

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How to Get the Best Value Collagen

If it’s your first time, we understand you may feel you don’t want to sign up to our multi-buy programme, in which case you can buy a week’s supply in one bottle. But if you want to get cracking with your new regime you can opt for the three bottle multi-buy which offers a whopping 45% discount!

Remember that improving your collagen production is a long-term fix. You need to allow your body time to utilise the collagen, to generate those new cells where they’re needed. For this reason we recommend you sign up to a multi-buy programme. Don’t forget, that alongside the collagen, you’re also benefiting from a multitude of vitamins and minerals in just one shot that would certainly be very costly to purchase individually.